Take care of the quality of your products and gain the trust of customers today!

Voluntary certification “PRODUKT SPRAWDZONY SIMPTESTCERT” (PROVEN PRODUCT SIMPTESTCERT) will distinguish your product on the market by confirming its quality by an independent third party, which will contribute to increased credibility among customers.
Due to the diverse specificity of certified products, the certification program is determined individually for each product, taking into account the following elements of the certification process:

  • initial assessment of product documentation
  • tests performed in an independent laboratory
  • assessment of the manufacturing plant

As a result of the actions taken, the Manufacturer receives the PROVEN PRODUCT SIMPTESTCERT certificate and a license authorizing the marking of products and accompanying documents with the above mark. The certificate and license are issued for a period of 3 years

What are the benefits of the PROVEN PRODUCT SIMPTESTCERT certificate?

  • Increasing of customers trust
  • Distinguishing the product on the market
  • Increasing competitiveness
  • Expansion into new markets
  • An impartial assessment of the declared characteristics of the product
  • Strengthening credibility

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