The laboratory of the SIMPTESTCERT Testing and Certification Center has implemented a quality management system developed on the basis of the PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-02 standard. In order to confirm the compliance of the implemented system and the competence of the staff, the laboratory is preparing for the accreditation process.

The laboratory conducts research both at the company’s headquarters and at the client’s site. It is equipped with high-class modern research equipment: a testing machine with a video extensometer and control and measurement equipment, which is subject to systematic supervision, thus ensuring the reliability of the results obtained. The research is carried out in controlled environmental conditions by qualified and experienced staff.

The research laboratory specializes in mechanical, technological and physical properties of metal and metal alloy products, such as:

  • smooth or ribbed rods and wire rod for reinforcing concrete,
  • welded mesh for concrete reinforcement,
  • pre-stressed products for compressing concrete,
  • flat products (sheets, strips),
  • long products (sections, rods, rails),
  • Pipes.

As part of the research, we have the ability to determine:

  • strength properties at room temperature (Re, Rp, Rm),
  • plastic properties in room temp. (A, Agt, Z),
  • modulus of elasticity E,
  • shear force of the welded joint (Fs),
  • susceptibility to bending and/or bending with bending,
  • susceptibility to plastic deformation, by flattening method (pipe testing),
  • masses and geometric dimensions,
  • surface quality of products.

The above tests are carried out in accordance with the following standards: PN-EN ISO 6892-1, PN-EN ISO 15630-1, PN-EN ISO 15630-2, PN-EN ISO 15630-3, PN-EN ISO 8492, PN-EN ISO 7438.

The laboratory also conducts tests of composite materials, among others based on ISO 10406-1 and PN-EN ISO 604.