Almost every industrial product consists of steel mill product. Steel mill products are basic elements of construction, railway, road and power lines infrastructure.

Testing and Certification Center SIMPTESTCERT in Katowice has many years of experience in carrying out quality final acceptance of ironworks industry products. It is worth to entrust final acceptance, examination or attesting to our experienced inspectors.

Final acceptance made by third party inspector is giving warranty, that the performance properties of those products have proper quality – they are corresponding with order or standardization.

Final acceptance are realized on the basis of conditions defined by Customer with possibility of issuing 3.2 attest for:

  • pipes
  • rods
  • steel profiles
  • casts
  • plates

We are offering also services in area of composites in scope of possessed qualifications – steel mill products, constructions

Evaluation of product for compatibility with defined requirements made by independent Notified Body, guarantees neutrality, independency and reliability.

We ensure high quality services in competitive prices.